Unique DBs & Clean Clients

You can choose between 3 different setups. Maximum performance and no bugs!

Database & Client

Professional advanced database

KOPS databases are clean, advanced and fully modified. There is no issues and are proven to be one of the best in Knight Online PS scene. With our tools and editors you will be able to change anything you want very quickly with absoluletly no previous knowledge. We offer three type of databases.

– Myko Database
– Light Farm Database
– PK Database

You can input any of your own idea to the existing database, our team will make your idea come true.

Database Features

There is tons of features that you will be able to either active or deactive for the players.
Some of the features/events.
– Juraid Mountain
– Border Defence War

– Ardream War

– Death Match

– Selfname Quest

– Collection Race

– Chaotic Generator

– Transformation Scrolls

– All skills up to 83

– Special Dungeon zones

– Customable Quests that you can modify alone

– Chaos Stone

– Rival System

– Selfname Packing

– Valykrie, Undefetable, Bahamuts

– Bi-Frost event

– Castle Siege Warfare

– King Elections

– Overall and Monthly Symbols

– Master Quests / Skill Quests

– Forgotten Temple

– Rebirth System

– 2nd Necklace Items

– Old Acessories

– HD Zones

– Several Type of Premiums

– Knight Cash Voucher

– Ingame Class Change / Nation Transfer

– Boss Summon Scrolls

– All kind of new items

– Last Man Standing

– Three Different Lunar War maps

– New & Old bosses/monsters

– Crafting Material Quests

– Santa Event

And a lot more of features, in which you choose which you are going to use or which you will save for later in expansion.

Client Performence

Each of database has it’s own client. It’s totally clean and easy to modify the graphic or the visual quests/items. The client size depends on the database you are using, MYKO is the smallest and cleanest client since it doesn’t use all those new effects,items,zones. Everything from Database has to be matched in the client for the visual interaction with the players. TBL Editor is being used to modify skills, quests, texts, items.

Client is has to be clean and smooth as this is the only thing that your players will interact with.

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